Duyarlı ÖzÜ Volunteering Initative

Time interval : 2010 - 2014

I have took place in this organization to establish volunteering network between Ozyegin University's student. Our main goal is to create a volunteering culture. I worked with this team in different positions. I have supervised volunteers between Duyarlı ÖzÜ and Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA). 

In Duyarlı ÖzÜ we also prepared some special day surprises. We gave flowers to every women in our campus at 8th of March.

TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association)

Time interval : 2010 - 2014

I met with  TURMEPA with the help of Duyarlı ÖzÜ. In there, I have designed a workshop called "art from bottles" and "bottle house project". In the videos below you can see the outcomes the projects. We are still developing new projects like an e-book about the stories of fishermen.

In every 23 th of the April, which is a special holiday for children in Turkey, we are hosting almost 700 children who haven't seen sea yet and taking them into Bosporous Sea tour. 

In different primary schools of Istanbul, we have taken a role of instructor in "read, think,share" sessions of YGA. In these sessions we try to develop children point of view and help them to think about event in a different perspective.  Team building activities, presentations, mini theaters and lots of events took place. Also I have work with people who are not able to see. This experience help me a lot to understand them more. YGA was one of the amazing families of me.

Young Guru Academy (YGA)

Time interval : 2011 - 2013