Research & Projects

Project Name : Quadrotor Platfrom

Year: 2014 


I have designed a platform for an autonomous quadrotor. Platform has abilities of charging, replacing quadrotor's cargo, measuring its weight to understand is  load empty or not.

​Additionally I designed an automatic spray as an accessory for the quadrotor. 

Goal of our team was autonomous painting system for high walls.

Project Name : Robot Control with Human Body Interaction

Year: 2014 


In this project, the main focus is controlling an industrial robot called KUKA with the human body motions. To achieve this goal, used materials are consisting of optical tracker system and KUKA KR 6. The computer programs that are used in the project are Matlab, Python, Opti-Track and embedded KUKA software. The aim is to sense specific movements of human body via optical tracker system and transfer them into the robot movements. A pre-defined task takes place for the test step and result have been published. 

Research Name :Understanding the Relation Between Camera Positions and the Precision in the Optical Tracking Systems

Year: 2014 


In this research, aim is to measure the precision of optical tacker system that is commonly used in robot control applications. An industrial robotic arm is used as a reference system. Circular movements of the arm in different diameters were done in the predefined heights above the ground. Data were visualized in 3D space with MATLAB. In the same 3D space virtually drawn circles by robotic arm movement and captured circles by optical tracker system were compared in terms of their coordinates. By changing the variables that can cause error in the system, measurements for maximum precision were conducted. Finally, suggestions for height and position of the cameras were given to maximize precision. 

Project Name : Buckling Machine

Year: 2014 


In this project we designed a buckling machine and it allows you to make your experiments up to 800 N with the error rate of  maximum 7%.  You can use it for experimenting pin-pin, fix-fix, fix-pin and pin-fix connections with the diameters of 3 to 5 mm cylindrical rods. Maximum height allowed is 450 mm.

Team Mate: Gokhan Kayanselcuk

Project Name : Ventouse Ferry

Year: 2014 


In this project my goal is to transfer all the ferries that are working in the Bosporous Sea into cleaning machines. While they are transferring passengers, they will clean the sea from its swimming trashes. The project later turned into a swarm robotic system to clean the Bosporous Sea. The developed idea ranked third at the IBM Smarter Istanbul Competitions in 2010 and became finalist (first 6) in Sabri Ulker Environment Awards among 500 projects in 2014

Project Name : Displacer

Year: 2013 

Developed a mechatronic system called 'Displacer' for radioactivity involved testing of products with his advisor

Proactively created a mechatronic design for the 'Displacer' and prepared a user's manual

Project Name : Quad Cage

Year: 2013 



In this project I have designed manually pliable quadrotor cage for robot-human safety

Project Name : Turtlebot

Year: 2013 


I have work in the teleoperation project. We used ROS to accomplish the tasks like following the leader and remote control of the robot.

Project Name : Counter

Year: 2013 


I have designed a photo finish system for fair evaluation of race results in the line following robot competitions.

Project Name : Hydphometre

Year: 2009 


Accomplished  the 1 st placement Award in Marmara region with a prototype called 'Hydphometre' to measure the angle of light reflection in the liquid materials in Tübitak's competition.